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The ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System

  • ​Virtually pain free. No stitches or linear scar associated with the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant Procedure
  • ​Intelligent algorithms Identify and select your best hairs for harvesting
  • ​Physician-assisted robotic technology. Delivers high quality robust grafts
  • ​Robotic harvestingDigital mapping provides precise and consistent graft dissection, unavailable with manual techniques
  • ​Robotic Recipient Site Making. Creates natural site distribution for optimal results that avoids damaging existing healthy hair.
  • ​Eliminates human fatigue and the potential for error associated with traditional manual hair transplants. Ensures consistent graft quality throughout the procedure.
  • ​Fast recovery. Allows you to get back to work and your daily activities quickly.

Mark A. Bishara, M.D.

 Awarded "Most Robotic Hair Transplant Cases - Worldwide",  we have performed over 1.4 million grafts as of 2021.  Dr. Bishara is a member of the American College of Surgeons (ACS) and the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS).

Dr. Bishara on Good Morning Texas explaining robotic hair transplants.

Don't settle for anything less

The ARTAS Robot

FDA-cleared, physician-assisted robot for precision hair harvesting.  More accurate and up to 25% faster than other methods.

ARTAS Robotic Donor Area

No stitches, minimal pain and recovery, computer mapped harvesting leaves natural hair pattern and optimal density.

Old Strip Method Area

Scarring, pain, long recovery times.

What patients are saying about Dr. Bishara and their experiences with hair restoration.

"My standards are set pretty high. Mark from the beginning I was extremely impressed with. Even from the initial consultation, which was a Skype consultation, which for me being the hours that I have, it’s hard for me to get away from my practice. We were able to go over everything, ask and answer any questions that I had.  

Mark has such a great bedside manner. It really makes you feel special. The follow up care, the phone calls, ensuring that everything is going well. His personality along with his surgical skill, I can’t imagine recommending (using) anyone else to have this done."

- Dr. Matthew Cerniglia

Robotic Surgery Recipient*

Patient Doug Mumme, As Featured on Dallas' WFAA Channel 8

Channel 8 featured Doug Mumme’s hair transplant back in 2012. Doug didn’t want to do the strip surgery with its lengthy downtime. 

So he came to Dr. Bishara to get the ARTAS hair transplant.  

He was very pleased with the results and looked forward to "wearing a sun visor and not getting sunburned on those bald spots."

"Dr. Bishara was the only Doctor that spoke to me like he actually cared about my problem. He emailed me personally over a holiday weekend giving me advice and ideas on how we could fix my head. I scheduled a procedure right away with him and received my first treatment yesterday. All I can say is that he has already changed my life forever! I felt no pain and discomfort at all, and I was treated like family. His staff is amazing, and Dr. Bishara only did what I wanted him to do, where as every other Dr. wanted to be creative in areas that I didn't want to be done. He is a life saver and I can't imagine why I waited so many years to fix my problem."

- Michael Warrior

Robotic Surgery Recipient*

What to expect after your book your free assessment

Chloe Nelson, our hair loss coordinator, will call you to discuss your hair restoration options.   

She will provide you with information regarding restoration and our program at the Paragon Hair Clinic.   

She will help you figure out the payment and financing options.

You'll Learn about hair restoration options, differences between ARTAS robotic hair transplants and traditional hair restoration and how well it works.  What has to happen for a patient to undergo a hair transplant 

Chloe will explain what to expect after your hair transplant and answer any other questions you might have.

About Our Coordinator

Chloe devotes herself to helping Paragon Hair Clinic patients navigate this process. 

She is truly a patient advocate, and (to put it simply) she makes everything run smoothly in the program.  Our patients absolutely love her.

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